Global Threat Intelligence

Our mission is to research and document details of adversaries' tactics and techniques and share them quickly to prevent successful cyberattacks.​


BLACKWEB LTD. provides a wide range of technical, advisory and strategic services across the incident readiness lifecycle to help inform improvements, build incident readiness and strengthen overall cyber resilience.


Threat Intelligence

Digital technologies lie at the heart of nearly every industry today. The automation and greater    connectedness they afford have revolutionized the world’s economic and cultural institutions — but they’ve also brought risk in the form of cyberattacks. Our Dark Web Hunting service is constantly searching the surface, deep, and dark web for nefarious activity that may be targeting your organization. Continue reading


Internet Fraud

Cybercriminals use dishonest techniques to make money illegally while causing a loss to another party. BLACKWEB LTD. investigates internet fraud and financial cybercrime activity. We have successfully investigated online fraud schemes and their perpetrators. We also conduct investigations into Internet-based security breaches, payment fraud, industrial espionage, and related exploits.

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Penetration Testing

BLACKWEB LTD. offers complete penetration testing services designed to identify system vulnerabilities, validate existing security measures and provide a detailed remediation roadmap. Commissioning a penetration test enables organisations to reduce security risk and provide assurance into the security of their IT estates, by mitigating weaknesses before they can be maliciously exploited.      Continue reading


Social Engineering

Our security experts act as cyber-criminals to approach each    engagement to gain company information. To catch a cyber-criminal, you must think like a criminal. BLACKWEB’s social engineering services allow you to accurately assess the ability of your systems and personnel to detect and respond to email phishing attacks. It’s time to discover the benefits of social engineering testing.

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BLACKWEB provides a complete outsourced security solution for an organization. The core of the our service is providing security monitoring and incident response for an      organization’s     enterprise  networks and endpoints. We offer a broad, generalized suite of security capabilities and services, or it may specialize in one or a few core focus areas, such as IAM or privilege management.

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Cybersecurity Training

Training is essential to preparing the cybersecurity workforce of    tomorrow, and for keeping current cybersecurity workers up-to-date on skills and evolving threats. So, BLACKWEB LTD. is committed to provide access to cybersecurity training and workforce development efforts to develop a more resilient and capable cyber nation. Learn more

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Cybersecurity Services

As a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), we act as our client’s trusted go-to partner    bringing advanced expertise in the current threat landscape. Let us become an extension of your team, whether seeking assistance with 24×7 network security monitoring, Virtual CISO Services, or Penetration Testing.

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Cybersecurity Training

In today’s technologically evolved business landscape, there is a drastic increase in IT security breaches   worldwide. As years have passed, the level of threats has also been continuously evolving, which is making it even more difficult for enterprises and government    agencies to find the right    cybersecurity solutions. 

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BlackWeb OS & CyberLab

BlackWeb is a Linux distribution aimed at advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing. BlackWeb contains several hundred tools which are geared towards various information security tasks, such as Penetration Testing, Security research,  Computer Forensics and Reverse Engineering.

BlackWeb OS

A powerful operating system for professionals

BlackWeb is a Linux distribution aimed at advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing. BlackWeb contains several hundred tools which are geared towards various information security tasks, such as Penetration Testing, Security research, Computer Forensics and Reverse Engineering.


Cybersecurity tools on the server


Cybersecurity tools installed
Knowledge Matters

Training is essential to prepare the cybersecurity workforce of tomorrow

Reviews From Our Clients

"BLАCKWEB LTD. provided reported аll of the vulnerаbilities they found with greаt detаil, аnd proposed solutions to fix the problems. Their teаm wаs effective аnd responsive, working closely with their pаrtners to ensure the project rаn smoothly."
Rick S. - Private Company Executive
"From stаrt to finish BLАCKWEB LTD. wаs а greаt pаrtner to work with. Аfter а proof of concept аnd severаl demos we found BLАCKWEB LTD. to offer security solutions аnd detection for our environment thаt were greаter then the competitors. "
Аndres G. - SFO Director
"My clients hаve nothing to sаy but good things аbout BLАCKWEB LTD. They found vulnerаbilities to the client's solution аs expected, thаnks to their аttention to detаil аnd excellent multidisciplinаry service. In the end, they found no need to improve their service.”
Mаrc D. - Private Company Executive
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